Equipment List -


Bowers & Wilkins 802 Matrix Series III
Full Range Reference Loudspeakers
Colaudio Hypex UcD400HG HxR Duoblock
Custom Built Hypex based Stereo Power Amplifier
Sennheiser HD600
Audio Technica ATH-M50
Custom Built Passive Relay Switched Monitor Controller
Ocean Matrix OMX-PSWAUD x 2
Passive Relay Switched Signal Path Selector


Lavry DA10
Digital to Analogue Converter
Lavry AD10
Analogue to Digital Converter
Colaudio Sabre32
Custom Built ESS Sabre32 based 32 bit Digital to Analogue Converter with balanced discrete DC coupled IV stage
Lucid 88192
8 channel 192 khz ADDA converter
Lynx Studio AES16e
Digital Audio Interface

Signal Processing:

API 2500
Stereo Bus Compressor
Avalon AD2055
Dual Mono Class A Discrete Parametric Equaliser with mastering modifications (0.5x gain range, band on/off)
Colaudio 7720
SSL 4000G Bus Compressor Clone (GSSL) with SC HPF (extensively modified & reworked CL Labs 7720)
Colaudio GSSL SSL 4000 Series
SSL 4000G Bus Compressor Clone (GSSL) with Oxford/Turbo mode
Colaudio PSM-18:2 M/S
Custom Built Passive Summing Mixer & M/S Matrix
Colaudio JT-Passive-MS 01
Jensen transformer based passive mid side encoder/decoder
Thermionic Culture The Phoenix S/C
Variable Mu Valve compressor w/ Mullard valves - has been custom modified by Vic Keary - the designer of the compressor

Vinyl Playback & Transfer:

Technics SL1210 mk2
Turntable/Record Player
Grado DJ 200i
Cartridge & Stylus
Colaudio BB2X MM Phono Preamplfier
Wide bandwidth phono preamplifier
Colaudio Level-T
Tension Stabilized & Levelled Turntable Stand

All interconnect and patch cables are hand made from high quality components: Canare L4E6S Quadcore Cable, Sommer Galileo Triple Shielded Cable, Beldin 1800F Cable and Neutrik gold & silver plated XLR connectors constructed with high silver content solder.

[FEBRUARY 2013] The studio is built around a combination of RFZ and LEDE acoustic design principles. There are many low and broadband absorbers plus specifically tuned and situated 2D QRD and BBC Designed PRD diffusers.

It is a highly accurate monitoring environment - mostly flat from 20 Hz to 20 000 kHz ±< 4db with a respectable RT60 that is around 0.3 seconds fairly consistently throughout the entire range.  The modestly sized space has taken vast amounts of work, experimenting & measuring to achieve the current level of accuracy.

All equipment is painstakingly auditioned for many, many hours before being accepted into the studio.  Everything is kept optimised and calibrated continually.

Some equipment is good but has been made better by internal component and circuit modification.  Other pieces of the signal chain have been hand built from component or modular level - usually from kits and existing schematics. 
More info on Colaudio custom equipment coming soon.

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